Can I clean it up or do I have to re-record?

Thanks for the very useful tutorias and to all the peeps who answer questions! - I’ve had a good read and was making good progrees with cleaning and CDing my vinyl. However, I’ve run into a problem so hope someone can advise me.

I checked the first one’s I did carefully and they were fine. But I’ve found that some of my recent ones have bad background hum. Turns out that the motor suspension belt on my TT has split so the motor’s been touching the TT body and has caused vibration hum. I’m not sure how many it’s on yet, quite a lot I think. I don’t want to rerecord and re split all the LPs if I don’t have to.

I’m thinking I could rip the WAVs from the CDs, and clean up the tracks with Noise Removal. Seem’s I’d have to do each track in turn. Is there a way to import the whole CD to one project, keeping the track splits?
Is there another better option?
Many thanks for any advice.

This may or may not be more work than doing each CD track individually…

Rip all the tracks from a CD into WAVs, then import all the WAVs into one project. Each song from the CD will appear on it’s own track in Audacity. Use the Time Shift tool to drag all the songs onto one track in the right order - the track will now have one clip for each song. Apply the Noise Removal tool to the track. [Note that you will need a sample of the hum without any music for the Noise Removal tool. Perhaps you could record a few seconds of inter-song gap and use that.] Double-click on each clip (which will select just the song/clip) then add a label to the clip. Now do File > Export Multiple.

Note that if the hum is really bad, the Noise Removal tool may not do a particularly good job. Perhaps try it out on a few songs first and see if the results are acceptable.

  • Bill

I’m with Bill here: starting over and getting good clean recordings is the better and possibly faster way to go …


thanks for your replies,
I’ll re-record.