can i change audacity splashscreen?

i really love audacity ,and i created a splash screen
can i change to the original ?

Audacity 2.0.6 under windows 7 and w8.1 64bit

thanks :question:

Not without building Audacity from the source code.
You would need to save your custom splash screen in XPM format, name it as AudacityLogoWithName_xpm, replace the original AudacityLogoWithName_xpm file with your modified version, then build Audacity.

Also, the name is a registered trademark, so although I believe that it would be ok for you to modify your own version in this way, I’m guessing (I’m not a lawyer) that you would not be able to redistribute your modified version without infringing on the trademark.

Unless you are experienced in programming in C++ you may find that building from source is more trouble than it’s worth, but we are always interested to see Audacity related artwork, and if you would like to share splashscreen ideas with the rest of the Audacity community, you could post your artwork in this part of the forum: (image size 700 x 500 pixel or less is preferred as larger images can cause display problems for some users).

i will keep the actual spash screen and upload mine :slight_smile:
thanks again Steve

thanks for the answer
but in an older version it was enough copy a jpg(or png) file inside a folder of audacity to have a custom splashscreen
may i know which version of audacity does allow it?
and i forget the folder name
just want to have on my usbstick with my custom splash screen
thanks a lot

Older versions of Audacity do not have a splash screen. I think you are confusing with some other application or with Audacity not supplied by us. Or you are confusing with Theming, which did not cover splash screens.

In other words you must do what Steve said and recompile Audacity, or forget it.


Yes, I believe you could not redistribute Audacity, called Audacity, with a custom splash screen without express permission of Audacity Team.


Hi Gale
i guess i was using the portable version , from portableapps , and i was able to customize the splash screen
by the way the actual version 2.1.3 has a splashscreen

thanks Gale

Audacity Portable is a separate project from Audacity. They package Audacity differently. For support with Audacity Portable, please visit Audacity Portable Support.


thanks Gale
i’m keeping to use the original project from here ,i have stopped to use the audacity from portable apps last year