Can I begin recording with a hotkey?

OK gotcha. Thanks for the feedback and the link! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, some other recording applications can record using a global shortcut:


So, it’s been quite some time (half a decade) since the last post in this thread!
Have developers come to implement this feature for Windows user, yet?
Actually, I did look in the preferences in my Audacity, just now.
Although there’s a section with hotkeys, they don’t seem to be global.

There are currently no plans to implement global shortcuts.
If such a feature is important your particular workflow, you could use AutoHotKey.

The default hot key for recording is “R”, but as with other keyboard shortcuts in Audacity, it only works when the Audacity app is in the foreground. Audacity does not have “global” hot keys that work when Audacity is running in the background.