Can I add a noise-cancelling-like effect to mp3 file?

My version of Audacity is 2.0.3
My Windows version is Win7 Ultimate, 64bit, Service Pack 1

I’ve been to a concert lately, so I made some videos there. The problem is the video quality is good, but the audio quality is horrible, so I’m trying to boost the quality by reducing the noise from the extracted audio from the video. The bass from the concert was high so thats why I cant hear a thing nor the melody nor anything. If you know how to help, please do so. I will understand if Audacity can not clear the audio from my videos, but if so, can you point out a freeware video/audio editing software to manage to do so? I’ve tried “remove noise”,“remove crackling” effects and the equalizer curve/graph feauture so far - little difference. The noise-cancelling plug-in for Sony Vegas is about 335€ so how about no. :slight_smile: I really appreciate your freeware program and keep up the good work!!!

Best Regards

There’s probably not much improvement that can be made. If the recording is badly distorted it will probably be beyond repair. Recording live concerts is much harder than people generally think. You can reduce the bass using the Equalization effect or the more simple Bass and Treble effect:

Thanks very much for the fast response and I therefore is like 50% improvement with the Bass and Treble and the Equalization stuff, but if you could agree to send you part of the audio file to check if you could do some extra work on it, it will be most appreciated. :slight_smile: The event was extraordinary and for me unique and it is because the images are side by side with the audio, thats why its so important for me to collect the most of what Ive recorded there.