Can help me please? Problem with recording

Hello everyone,

Before 2 days i use audacity to record pc sounds without any mic and everything was great, the red line was recording perfect.
Yesterday I tried to record again but nothing happened.

The recording red line not even movin even if I have sounds playing even not. I used different sounds from different apps and songs but the result was the same, its not recording.

Im using Version the latest version 2.22

I have it on WINDOWS WASAPI and speakers and it was alright. Don’t know why its not working now.

Thank You

Guys, I found that quote on the timeline. Its in Greek , in English is “timeline actions were disabled during the recording” . So I guess that’s the problem. How can enable them to start recording?

The translation should say that Timeline actions are disabled during recording.

“Timeline actions” are things like “Quick Play” and adjusting the selection. More information about Timeline actions here: