Can do ?

Sorry to be the proverbial nerd amongst you all, but as an old fossil, my techno-ness is minimal !!

Before I go on to purchase software, can someone please advise : I have a whole collection of André Rieu music DVD’s, want to extract the music therefrom, edit out all the applause and announcements in-between, and then create an MP3 CD that I can put into my CD-player to listen to whilst I read / nap / etc. (the things we older folk do).

I will be the only person having access to these CD’s and they are not meant for anyone else at all. Am I transgressing copyright laws ?

Will appreciate any input.

Many thanks,


As far as I’m aware, this would be covered by “fair use”.
But before you go out buying software - Audacity is Free!

You can’t exactly “extract” audio from a DVD with Audacity, but you can “record” the audio from a DVD with Audacity.
There are two ways to do this:

  1. Play the DVD with a software DVD player on your computer. Set the recording source for Audacity as “Stereo Mix” (may also be called “Sum”, “Mix”, or “What You Hear”, depending on the audio card drivers). For details on how to set up the recording source, see here:

  2. Play the DVD in a stand-alone DVD player, and connect the audio out from your DVD player to the “Line-In” of your sound card. (This may not be possible on a laptop computer as many of them only have “Microphone In” which is not suitable). The procedure for doing this is essentially the same as in this tutorial:

For best possible sound quality, it is possible (but not that easy) to digitally extract the audio from a DVD with other software, then import into Audacity for editing. See the Doom9 forum for information on this.