Can disabling sound devices affect Audacity's install files?

I am using Audacity alpha version 2.0.6, on Windows 7, and I downloaded this alpha .zip file from

Yesterday, I went in to W7’s control panel, and double-clicked on the Sound icon option there. From inside this sound option panel, I disabled all sound devices that I wasn’t using, simply leaving the following enabled:

Playback = Creative x-fi speakers
Recording = USB microphone

BTW, I have no idea how to re-enable the devices that I disabled!

Anyway, could doing this affect any of Audacity’s installation files? The reason I ask is that the Audacity .exe has disappeared from its installation folder. And the weird thing is, I can’t download any of these alpha .zip files again. If I do, W7 complains that each .zip archive downloaded is invalid. If I unzip the .zip file that I originally downloaded and was successfully using only yesterday, and copy and paste the audacity .exe file from this .zip file in to my installation folder, it simply doesn’t appear in the file listings for that folder. It’s very strange. I’ve checked my W7 “folder viewing options”, and I have no settings set that hide particular files.

I’ve probably done something really stupid, and I’m sorry in advance if you can see what I’ve done wrong…

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with Audacity. It may be the problem is the un-zip utility you are using or maybe there’s something wrong with the ZIP files.

Do you have a good reason for using the Alpha release? I assume most people experimenting with the Alpha release also have the most recent stable version installed.

BTW, I have no idea how to re-enable the devices that I disabled!

Right click the speaker icon. Select Playback Devices or Recording Devices. Right-click on whatever icons you see and you have options of enabling, disabling, showing or hiding devices, etc.

Actually, I just noticed that no downloads are working for the alpha builds. If I use FireFox, the download appears to work, but when I attempt to open any .zip file, it fails to open saying that the files are invalid. If I try using IE, then the download message @ 1 second remaining says “download interupted”.

I am using the Alpha version because if I make a long recording (Eg 10 hours) at high quality, it doesn’t fail. Version 2.0.5 fails, and is a known bug.

Thanks a lot regarding the show disabled devices tip. That was helpful. Cheers. :slight_smile: