can cut but won't paste

I have an audio file that will be about 20 minutes long, I am at 17 minutes and can no longer cut and paste. Is this a limit to the program? How can I resolve this issue? The audio piece is a radio play and needs to play seamlessly…

Thanks for your help,


Cut and Paste? What are you trying to do?

There’s no practical time limit for an Audacity project.

Maybe you’ve paused the audio instead of stopped it? Audacity won’t let you do much of anything if it’s in pause mode.

I’ve got many files that I recorded and need to combine into a master file. I’ve converted each audacity project into a wav file. I’m importing one file at a time into the master file. They come in as two new tracks, so I cut those tracks and paste them up to the primary tracks (vocal tracks). Is this not the right way or best way to work? As I write this I guess I could keep each imported file as there own tracks and shift them in the time line to there correct position.

Anyway, I got it to work by closing audacity and reopening and then I could cut the imported tracks and paste them into the primary tracks - it might be a memory issue or something, although I do have 2gigs, but i’m on a macbook not a macbook pro so…

thanks for any suggestions.

Try using the time-shift tool , the icon with the horizontal bar with arrowheads at both ends to move each track to its required time position.

Basically you don’t need to cut and paste them into a single stero pair track as Addacity will mix the multi- tracks into a single stereo pair when you export the project to WAV, MP3 or whatever. You can, if you wish mix & render the multi-tracks yourself before the export (the way to do this varies between 1.2 and 1.3) - but it is not a necessary step.

BTW: Just be very aware that when you create an Audacity project by importing WAV files, then these files are not actually imported into the project - rather they are pointed to by the project. So make sure the you do not move, change, or delete thes WAV files while you are working on the project. Once you export your project to a new WAV then it is safe again.