Can .aup be used in the chain?

My first post, cool. I’ve been using Audacity since I trashed Adobe Audition. Better yet, it trashed me.

Anyway, I use it quite a bit. I would like to ask, if the Audacity Project command (.aup) be used in the Chain box?

BTW, I’m bilingual (Spanish) and I can help regarding translations of the program. Not all Spanish speaking countries speak the same Spanish. Believe me. :slight_smile:

AUP isn’t a command. It’s a list of instructions in XML format what to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder which is where all the sound is.

That’s an AUP file in picture form. It won’t fit on a forum page. It’s been cleaned up a little with added spaces and blank lines to make better sense. It’s Left on top and Right on the bottom.

This is the manual on chains.


Believe me.

You mean New Orleans French isn’t real?


Thank you very much for your reply.

No, I’m saying that Spanish language (and culture) are very different. There are many words spoken in Spanish that for some Spanish speaking people mean one thing and for others (depending on location and country) it might mean something else. I’ve been an ESL teacher for 29 years in the public system and in the university. I was also a teacher in Los Angeles, CA.

BTW, for all you rebels, ESL means English as a Second Language.

I don’t need ESL. Every other person I know is at minimum bi-lingual. I’m learning ASL.
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 17.53.54.png

That’s cool man. Which mean you can expand your knowledge of communication and even work in the UN.

If you wish, we can add your “vote” for that enhancement. It is quite a popular request that Chains can be applied to projects as well as files.

Thank you. Please see to make a start.

Were you suggesting we need more than one Spanish translation, as there are two Portuguese translations? Or that we need to choose more “generic” Spanish words in our translation?