Can Audacity sync LTC audio tracks?

I am running OpenSuse leap 42 and I am planning a project to sync an analog gear live music performance recorded to a Sound Devices 702T, with two decent phone cameras recording a LTC audio track generated from the 702T.

I’ve read that software like Plural Eyes can sync audio and video in this way, but I have been running Linux exclusively since the 90’s and am trying to do this using OpenSuse.

Basically I want to sync the audio from the 702T, with the videos. I have been looking at the audacity docs but I am not sure if I am in the right place. Any guidance appreciated.

I don’t think there’s any provision for Audacity to sync to Time Code—or more accurately, I don’t think Audacity can read it. If you can supply an external reader, you can use the Linear Time Code to figure out where you are, but there’s no such thing as telling Audacity to “Go To” a particular time.

That and I think the only way to get LTC into Audacity at all is one of the two stereo channels. I guess if you had a multi-track system, you could use one of them, say #3 to carry the TC. But all that would do is scream at you if you listened to it.


“Ardour” ( is a better option than Audacity for this task because Ardour supports “Jack Transport” and Audacity doesn’t.

On Linux, if you want to synchronise multiple audio/video apps, “Jack Audio Server” is the sound system to use (

“Xjadeo” is a video player that can be synchronised with Jack Transport. (

Its been a while since I used jackd - I went “out of the box” years ago on my music projects. But I have used it, I just read about Xjadeo using LTC and that may well work for me. Thanks for the tip.