Can Audacity support a Winamp Plug-in?

So, can Audacity support a Winamp plug-in? If not, then if I get the source code for the particular Winamp plug-in i am interested in, is there anyone that would be willing to convert it to something Audacity can use? The plug-in can be found here [Link Removed].

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There are several plug-ins listed on that page and you have not said which one you are asking about.
Also, that page attempts to automatically install something on the visitors computer.
I don’t know what it is trying to install, but I do not intend to give it the opportunity to do so.

Audacity does not support WinAmp plug-ins.
Audacity supports LADSPA, Nyquist, VST (partial) and AU (Mac) and VAMP plug-ins. There are currently no plans to add support for WinAmp plug-ins.

I have moved this message to the “Adding Features” section of the forum.

There is only one plug-in on the page: ACM plug-in for Winamp. There are two versions, the second is a “new” beta. It is a plug-in that allows for Import/(Export) of Interplay .acm sound files.

Sorry, it’s not my website and my web-browser (Firefox) is configured to block that kind of stuff silently. It wasn’t my intention to link to a website that tries to do that.

Is there a guide or instructions anywhere on how to build a plug-in that Audacity can use?

Again, I apologize and thank you for your time,

No problem. I removed the link for the benefit of those using less secure (or less securely configured) browsers.

Is this the same plug-in? (on the official WinAmp web site)

I don’t know of any guides for building this type of plug-in. You would probably need to be an accomplished computer programmer.

Yes, I believe it is. Didn’t know it was on the WinAmp site. My link was to the author’s own website.

I have some basic programming knowledge, but not anything like C++. It would probably be beyond me, then. The author ABel has offered me the source code to any of his programs (there are command line acm2wav and wav2acm converters as well as the ACM WinAmp plug-in) but even with those I doubt I could make an Audacity-compatible plug-in without explicit instructions. Oh well… If anyone is interested in giving it a shot, drop me a PM. If not then I cast my vote for Audacity supporting WinAmp plug-ins (unlikely though that may be).

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