Can Audacity produce uncorrelated signals?

I carry out sound insulation tests in the UK in accordance with ISO 140. In order to do this I need to have a sound source playing pink noiose through 2 speakers which as guidance on the standard says “must be driven by similar but uncorrelated signals”. In practise this generally means 2 sources.

My question is can one version of audacity running on one pc produce 2 uncorrelated signals? If so what do I have to do to make sure of this?

Note: Cooledit definitely can do this.



Yes Audacity (1.3.13) can.
Open Audacity then “Tracks menu > Add New > Stereo track”
Then “Generate menu > Noise”.
Select the type of noise (for example “Pink”) and the required amplitude (for example 0.8) and the required duration, then click the “OK” button.