Can Audacity play music through a headset and....

Hi. How is everyone doing? Happy Holidays.

I just have a question. ?

I am thinking about purchasing a headset that has a microphone type of thing attached to it to record vocals with Audacity and I am wondering if headsets can be read as a playback device and recording device on Audacity? Is playback and recording with a headset possible?

The headset that I’m thinking about purchasing is a USB compatible headset. Can a headset that connects through a USB port work with playback and recording?

Of course it works with Audacity…


Some of these don’t work very well, especially for recording vocals. That’s because they are made for voice, like in telephone voice, and contain electronics to boost the voice.

And some exhibit other problems, like USB induced noise.

That’s why it’s probably better to tell us which one you consider.

Besides, if you’re a bit serious about recording singing, you’d be a lot better of with one of the semi-pro interfaces, like the Focusrite 2i2, the Steinberg/Yamaha UR22, or… These will allow you to control levels and to use a separate mic. One that’s made for singing and not for Skype.

Usually yes, but the sound quality from headset mics is usually not great. Probably good enough voice doing a YouTube voice over.
Considering that you posted in the “making music” section, I assume that you wish to record yourself singing, in which case I would not recommend using a headset mic.