Can Audacity do this which is shown in the screen shots?

I expect the reason that you have not received a reply before this one is because no-one understands what you are asking.

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I think they’re trying to embed a loop point in the WAV metadata,
so the game playing the file “knows” where to (seamlessly) loop.

[I don’t think this is possible in Audacity].

So I just want to be able to like play a loop point from a x point to x point then play that loop over and over and then give it a timer for it to stop firing

Like a machine gun shooting 30 rounds and it plays a constant loop, but once the timer for x time for magazine to be empty finishes, then the loop stops

I think it is what you say. I hope it is possible. Literally to start a loop, then have a timer for that loop to end using markers, then the sound stop for timer set

Can loop audio while the file is in Audacity …
but Audacity will not include the loop points in the WAV file metadata which the game-engine needs to loop the sound correctly.

I suppose you could try manually creating the LOOPSTART/STOP fields in the metadata …

But I would not count on that working: Audacity has been known to ignore metadata.

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