Can Audacity do a one-click 'Export to Email as MP3'?

Does anyone know whether Audacity can do a one-click ‘Export to Email as MP3’? I want to be able to do voice emails to save time with typing - i.e. just dictate my replies and go click, click and send that recording off as an email attachment. It would save me many hours each day.

However, current Audacity requires me to export the MP3 to a location (e.g. Desktop) and then I have to go to that location and right-click Send To > Mail Recipient, all of which is very impractical/cumbersome. It would be brilliant if after recording an MP3 file in Audacity I could press a shortcut key combination and have that MP3 file automatically added as an attachment to a new email (e.g. Outlook) message. I have a piece of software that makes that process very easy, but it records in a proprietary .DVR file format (the software came with a digital dictaphone by JNC). Due to the .DVR format, it’s no good for sending to emails to people who don’t have the JNC software, hence my preference for MP3 or some other highly compressed but universal format.

Can a macro or script be written in Audacity to automate this process for exporting a recording directly as an Outlook email attachment?

Audacity can’t now, you should post this is the Adding Features to Audacity forum. You’ll have to convince somebody to work on it though, it will be a low priority feature.

It would also need to be written differently for every email client because there isn’t a standardised interface to create new emails.

Really? eww…

Standards, people! Standards! They’re a good thing.