Can Audacity be used as an Alternative GUI ?

Hi, folks,

I apologize for such an absurd question, as this must be. But I have spent all day attempting to get my good-looking yet bimbo-ish Realtek HD Audio Manager to work properly on my Gigabyte mobo. Well, good-looking the GUI is, but it has some quirks that have given rise to all sorts of problems by internet posters, including one thread that has been running for more than 2 years.

Essentially, the GUI that Realtek places on a good many mobos is a great idea that doesn’t quite work. Specifically, it does not allow users to properly choose between Only Speakers, Only Headphones, None, or All. It offers a great many possibilities from its spot in the notifications area, but it lets people down. The myriad would-be solutions suggest the problem is in the Devs’ writing of the program the GUI uses. It looks like a Realtek issue.

As I worked with this, I began to wonder if just possibly Audacity has the capacity to act as a replacement GUI for my sound. I would be surprised, because the Realtek GUI includes a nice colour layout of my front and rear case panels, which is interactive and responds (albeit imperfectly) to hardware being attached or removed.

But I don’t know much about Audacity. I used it for some sound applications a few years ago, and I know it is a highly respected program. I know my Foobar2000 likes Audacity. So do some of my creative ventures with sound.

But a GUI? I’m out of luck, am I not?

Thanks for your patience.

<<<But a GUI? I’m out of luck, am I not?>>>

The Audacity Development Team is chronically short of time, manpower, and money. They’re struggling to bring out v.1.4.0 and there is still a significant list of bug fixes and feature requests. I’d say, yes. You are out of luck.


Thanks, Koz. I wanted to be sure that I was not blundering along with a poor solution if there was a much better one available.