Can Audacity be made to not steal focus?

After a recent Audacity version bump (to 3.2.5 but I don’t know from which version) in my Gentoo Linux install, I’m noticing that whenever Audacity completes any task that involves a pop-up with status information (applies an effect, loads a file, saves a file, etc) it will now force-focus the main window.
This is annoying for me as I would load or save a big file which takes about 30 seconds, move to some xterm to prepare commands for my workflow, and mid-typing that tasks completes, the main window takes focus and suddenly my keypresses go to there. If I’m on a different virtual desktop to quickly look at my mail or something, it instantly pulls me back to that main window. It’s highly disruptive and annoying. Previous versions of Audacity didn’t behave this way.

Is there a way for me to get the main window to not do this? I’ve looked into making my window manager ignore the focus requests of the main audacity window, but it would appear my chosen windowmanager (fluxbux, who sadly seem to have stopped development) doesn’t allow me to do anything here - only prevent the initial load from taking focus. I’ve tried to search for a wrapper program that might be used to block these X events but have so far come up empty.

That doesn’t happen for me with Xubuntu (XFCE Desktop).

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