Can anyone removed a music track from audio clip??!

hey guys 1st post, i’ve been using youtube to pretty much figure out audacity for what i need it for and the tutorials are great. did a google search but cant figure out the specifics to what i need done. so what i’m trying to figure out is i created a video of a police chase i was involved in years ago, and added music. well i created two versions one with the music and one without. I have the video audio separated and the song also, does any know know a way to basically copy the music track and erase it from the original audio? is something like that possible, i can get the music to go away some but the lyrics are still there. I can upload the tracks if someone is interested in trying!!


That’s a good as we could do.

You basically flip the music track over (invert) and add it to the show. You may have to slip it side to side (Time Shift Tool) and tune the volume a bit (slider on the left), but that’s all the tools we have.

Tricks such as this almost always fail because you’re starting out life with compressed video and audio files. Each time you make an MP3 or video file, the compression system changes and remixes the work slightly. The music track and the track as it appears in the video are not bit for bit identical.

You may have another problem. Is the video track a mono mix? I’m curious why the lead singer only failed to cancel. That’s pretty unusual. That’s the kind of thing you get when you mess around with Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation.