Can anyone help - please

Hi - You tried to help me in April (the 15th) about 3 files I saved. The original post went like this:

I wonder if you can help - I am really desperate to solve this one, as the audio files I have saved are very very very valuable to me.

I made 3 recording using audacity. Each was 25 mins in length. I saved and exported as a WAV file to my desktop. I know I did not save to export WAV selection as I know this only saves a selected part.

When I have played them back, each recording stops after 45 secs, 2 mins and 4 mins.

What has gone wrong? I m happy to pay for your advice to allow me to salvage this problem.

I have not used Audiacity since as I very reluctant to loose recordings. Do you know what went wrong on that day? When I import into audiacity they tracks play fine, but just stop.

Thank you

How did you make the recording - help us out a bit here :slight_smile:

Did you buy any chance import existing stuff from another WAV file or from a CD? Did you by any chance write it back to the same filename that you imported from?

UPDATE: and please don’t double post, particularly by hijacking someboody else’s thread. Double posting only wastes folks’ time (we’re all part-time volunteers on this forum) - nor does it get you answered any quicker. I have removed your duplicate post.

FURTHER UPDATE: I also note from your previous thread when we were trying to help you that you didn’t bother to post back and tell us the results of the tests I proposed for you to do to test out the nature of your problem. You really must learn to help yourself and do a bit of the work if you expect us to be able to help you …



You say saved and exported. Is it possible that you Saved the Project, and then renamed one of the resulting files to .WAV ? If you did this, the file you created might very well “sound” like a short, abbreviated file containing only a few seconds of your audio.

If you go to File->Save Project, you will NOT be creating a .WAV file - at least not one that you would want. To create a .WAV file in 1.2 go to File->Export as WAV…

(In BETA 1.3.x, you need to go to File->Export. If you get a Metadata screen, click OK. Then select Save as type: WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM, and enter your target file name.) By the way, many people are getting more mileage out of the beta. You can download 1.3.9 from here:
The next stable release 2.0 is hoped to be available around the end of the year.

Also, I know these forums can sometimes be frustrating… Try following WC’s link to your previous post and try answering those questions. That thread is still active, and as far as I know, WC and others are still available for you. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.