Can a track pan from center w no audio on other channel

In my remix of Please Please Me, I changed the Lennon only “Come On” track to mono and panned 30% pan to the right and the “Come On” reply track of McCartney/Harrison I changed to mono and panned 30% to the left. I like the left-right position but vocals are still coming out of both speakers.

I also changed the harmonica track from right channel to mono and panned 30% right to be where Lennon’s voice is but the harmonica is noticeable on the left channel.

Can I place the tracks to the left or right of center without audio being heard through the other speaker

30% pan is actually fairly subtle. Listen on headphones to appreciate what the various panning amounts do.

– Bill

Thanks Bill. What a difference listening through headphones makes. I am hearing the 30% pans through one channel and the positioning of the vocals is as I hoped to hear. I am though hearing volume differences among the tracks so back to the mixing board to reset volumes listening with headphones instead of speakers. Just about finished. When the remix is done, I will complete my log that I will email a copy to any forum member who would like to compare with the 2009 or some other version