Can a 2014 Audacity project be played using the current version?

I found an old Audacity project of mine from 2014. It loads into the current Audacity version but sounds corrupted. Should the current version of Audacity be able to play that old of a project?

When I upgraded to the current version today it had the same problem as the slightly older version.

The project opens and looks like it should be fine. But the sound is almost pure distortion. I can make out hints of what the song probably sounded like, for instance I can tell when a chord changes and hear a beat to the music. But what was once a guitar now sounds like someone is strangling an accordion and then adding feedback to make it even worse.

Using info on the forum I found that it was probably made with version 2.0.3. Here’s the start of the .aup file:

<!DOCTYPE project PUBLIC "-//audacityproject-1.3.0//DTD//EN" "" >
<project xmlns="" version="1.3.0" audacityversion="2.0.3"

Would I be wasting my time trying to use an old Audacity version? And for that matter could I install an old one next to the current version? I’m assuming I might be able to export individual tracks or something if it’s a version compatibility issue.

The recording was made on a different computer that I might be able to coax back to life, but it’s unlikely that it would still have the old Audacity version on it.

Not the solution I wanted, but it let me know that the project also sounds like crap in the old version, so I can delete the whole mess. Thanks.

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