Can 78 rpm records be converted?

I have recorded several 33rpm records to mp3 many times, but Is there a way to record a 78rpm record using a turntable that only has 45 and 33 rpm settings, I’d like to convert some old 78’s that my Dad hasn’t heard since childhood.

Thank you

If your turntable does not have the facility to play records at 78rpm, you can use Audacity’s ability to change the speed of recordings to record your 78 rpm records at either 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm.

I used a turntable to record a 78 rpm record onto my computer. I recorded it on the 45 rpm setting, because it doesn’t play 78’s. The program I am using automatically assigns a 120 bpm tempo when you load the song. How can I calculate how fast to speed it up to restore it to 78 rpm?

45/78 = 120/x
45x = 120 x 78 = 9360
x = 9360/45 = 208

208/120 = 1.7333

Thank you[/quote]

Since this is an Audacity forum, why not use Audacity to record and convert your 78 rpm records? The ratio, 1.73333 is correct, but it is simply 78/45. Audacity has a change speed effect that allows you to enter the rpm (33-1/3, 45, or 78) and it sets the correct ratio. If you are using a phonograph or preamplifier intended for microgroove discs (post 1950) you may need to equalize to invert the RIAA equalization that modern phonographs use. That can also be achieved in Audacity by using the “inverse RIAA” equalization effect. 78 rpm records have a much wider groove than LPs so you will need to have a correctly sized stylus for your cartridge.

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