Call recording stopped working

–I know what the laws are and I inform people that I am recording and they understand because I only record people who are giving me data that my disability requires me to keep track of–

Hello. I have to record some important phone calls and I normally use audacity. I just got a 3.5mm jack and plug it into the back of my PC in the mic slot and it worked fine. Today I loaded it up and it would not work. I’m posting a screen cap if someone would be able to help me figure out why it is no longer working.

Try changing the “host” setting in the device toolbar to “MME”, then check that the “recording device” (in the device toolbar) is set to the microphone.

Ok, I’ve done that and it gave me Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input and Microphone (Realtek Hig Defin…)

Neither provided and audio

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the microphone is enabled and working.

I am just running a 3.5mm from the mic port to my phone’s audio jack. I went to the settings and it let me trouble shoot and said it was muted. It wasn’t but I restarted Audacity and now I get faint sort of static sounds and then nothing again. Maybe this isn’t an audacity thing. Sorry if I’m wasting your time.

I was able to troubleshoot and it said that my microphone was muted. It was fixed, I reset the program and now it gives some random quiet squelching. Maybe this is not an audacity issue. Thanks for trying to help.

It’s probably a “Windows thing” rather than an “Audacity thing”. Recent Windows updates have caused problems for many Audacity users. We are here to help, so we are trying to figure out what Microsoft are doing, which is tricky as it is currently a moving target.

One of the recent issues is described here (includes the solution):

I think it might def. be audacity. I have a logitech gaming headset that I just plugged in and Audacity isn’t even showing that.