Calf effects have partially missing GUI?

I just installed audacity 3.2.1 via the app image earlier today (on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS) and have been playing with real time effects. I managed to install the calf plugins, but just now I was watching a video that mentions the calf compressor ( and noticed that it shows a graph with the threshold/knee/limit in the green box on the right. However, when I use the “Calf Compressor” plugin as a real-time effect, I get an empty green box there. I realize the person in the video is not using audacity, however, since the rest of the plugin gui is the same I would hope that that box is not audio editor-specific. Is this a known issue, and/or is there something I can change to make this same chart show up for myself?

I’m also now wondering if the settings screen for “Calf Equalizer 5 Band” is missing some information–the screenshot on the online manual page ( seems to have some curve and frequency information drawn in that is missing when I look at the effect.

If there’s a family of effects that are known to be better and/or easier to work with, I’m not particularly attached to calf and am open to suggestions. These were just the first group of real-time capable plugins I was able to find and install (I was looking here:

…I just remembered that audacity threw some sort of error earlier when I was scanning for plugins from the plugin manager, but I don’t remember which specific group of plugins I was trying to get it to detect at the time, and I don’t remember what the specific error was. The error has not re-occurred, but if it does I can update this topic with that info, in case this issue is related.

This is a bug:

It might get fixed soon

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for that