cable needed

I am having a hard time in finding a cable to connect my tape recorder (mini cassettes) to my laptop.
The one I purchased and installed according your instructions it did not work. no sound was recording at all. I was trying everything I could to work it around

Please advise if I can get certain brand and order it via Amazon.

thank you


according your instructions

What instructions? Point to an address.

As a fuzzy rule, you can’t connect a stand-alone tape machine to a Windows laptop. In some special machines, you can get it to work poorly, and some machine actually have a blue stereo Line-In connection, but it’s not normal.

You should have gotten a noisy, badly overloaded show. Select the input with the Audacity Device Toolbar.

Sometimes you need to make special settings inside Windows.

I use a Behringer UCA-202 to connect devices like mixers or tape players to a Windows laptop. This is my sound mixer.