Cable / Connection issue with my stereo and pc or laptop

Hi, there.

Downloaded audacity and running into the following problem:

I’d like to digitalize a tape/cassette into mp3 (yes, I bought the tape and the music is not available in any other format), cause I wanna be able to play it in my car with more ease.

Anyway, after taking a look at the page on “connecting your equipment” ( ), I found out my stereo doesn’t have an RCA-connection.
It’s not that old, maybe that’s why? Though my previous stereo doesn’t seem to have it either and that’s probably like 20 years old.

Did a lot of google searches on the matter, but can’t really find a good way to hook things up.

I’ll attach some pictures to let you know exactly what it all look like.
Some connections seem to have been “closed off” by the manufacturer (Philips, so quite a good brand), which puzzles me as well.

The front doesn’t even have a headphone connection, though it does have two mic entrances (no idea why?) and an mp3-link, which I thought might do the trick. Still, when using this, the sound will still play through my stereo speakers instead of the laptop. To my knowledge, the purpose of an mp3-link is also vice-versa to what I’m trying to achieve: it allows you to play music from the laptop or pc through your stereo system?

Unfortunately, my walkman is no longer functioning, but I did get hold of my dad’s old radio. This seems to only have a line in, no line out, which I’m afraid is the other way around to what I want to achieve?

I can’t imagine no one’s ever run into this problem before, but the help page doesn’t mention this anywhere. Neither do videos or topics I’ve consulted over the last couple of days, so…

Any help would be appreciated!

What make / model is your cassette player?

Hi, it’s the FWM387/12. Sorry, I tried adding pictures, but they are too big in filesize.

This one, yes?

Unfortunately that “all-in-one” system does not appear to have any outputs other than loudspeakers. As far as I can see there is no way to connect it to recording equipment.

Perhaps you could borrow a different cassette player from a friend, or look for an inexpensive second hand one. If you decide to buy second hand, ensure that you test it before you buy - if the belts are worn it can cost more to fix than it is worth. On the other hand, cassettes have largely fallen out of fashion, so decent players are sometimes available for very little, or even given away free - it’s worth asking around.

Just my luck… :neutral_face:

The last picture I uploaded is of my dad’s radio. Is that connection unusable as well?

That says “Line In”.
You need one that says “Line out”, or “Aux out”, or at a push even “headphone out”, but it must be an “output”.

Thanks for your help, Steve!

Am I correct in saying a Mac is also a viable option?

An option for what? Running Audacity? Yes Audacity can run on a Mac (

That, and moreover hooking up the RCA/stereo. Thinking about using a friends amp which does have the RCA-connection.

If the Mac has a “line in” socket. I think that most do, but you will need to check.