Bypassing input slider

Hey all!

Is there a way to bypass or disable the input volume slider? The slider is incredibly destructive and messes up my gain staging.

I correctly set my microphone level on my interface and don’t want Audacity to change the volume. The worst part is that the correct level (%) on the slider seems to differ on every system. As far as I know Audacity is the only DAW that does this.

Is there a way to disable this slider so that my incoming level is unchanged?

Need your help!

Just set it to 100%.

And if you’re on Windows, make sure there is no “Microphone boost”.

The only “oddity” I know of is - If you record in mono from a “stereo” interface the signals are cut in half so you don’t go over 0dB when left & right are mixed. So if you are only using one input you can’t go over -6dB. It works normally in stereo but you get one silent channel and you have to deal with that instead.

Also the input slider usually doesn’t work with USB devices. (Because generally, if you want to adjust the recording level, the analog level needs to be adjusted before the audio is digitized.)

Hi Doug! Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately on some systems, 100% clips the signal even though the pre-amp (&converter) are not. On one laptop 100% is the right value, on the others it’s 75% or 50%. The inconsistency of those values is the main problem.

On some systems the slider does grey out and is on a fixed 100% position. This is the ideal situation, but only seems to happen on a few (mostly apple) laptops. Even though they are all using the exact same interface.

I teach people how to record themselves using Audacity and how to properly set microphone gain. Instead of this just working, I have to help hundreds of people with finding out the correct value of the input-slider on their laptop. I’m confused as to why it’s even there?

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