BWF marks?

We need an application to record sermons on iMac. We currently use a Tascam DR-40 which allows us to set marks while recording so that later we can quickly find places where we will need to insert graphics in the video version such as bible references. These marks go in the BWF extension to the WAV file on the DR-40.

Would there be a way to do this when recording with Audacity? It would have to be really quick and simple, like a button click.

The other approach we have thought of is to record another audio track devoted to marking and have a way to insert some type of audio marker that we could easily see against background.


We can’t do Broadcast WAV yet, but we can do labels in real time. Write notes in them, too.


How about handling sync drift correction? Sometimes when combining the audio track with the video it’s out of sync toward the end. Can a correction factor be applied?

Effect > Change Speed… .