Buzzing when playing games

So I wanted to start recording games and use Audacity to record the audio, but every time I start up a game I want to play there is a bad buzzing that I can hear and the recording can hear. The buzzing goes away after I exit or before I load the game up. Please help :cry:

Audacity doesn’t always get along so well with games. We’ve been recommending FRAPS recording software for live game capture.


As I keep pointing out when you say that, FRAPS does not work on later than Windows 7.


Are you only recording the game sound, or your mic as well? You can use VoiceMeeter to record mic and game


FRAPS does not work on later than Windows 7.

I don’t remember that, but I see the problem. FRAPS shows no sign of support since 2013.

On the other hand, Voicemeeter does directly support Win10 and is listed as one of the Skype programs as well.
[writing that down.]


Thanks, Koz.


Apparently for Windows 10, capturing screen video is available free by using “XBox App”
There’s lots of articles about it on the Internet, such as this one:
“Use the Xbox app to record your screen in Windows 10”
but none of them seem to say anything about audio capture.

I don’t “think” it will record audio only.

I’ve been reluctant to mention it much because it has very specific hardware requirements that I don’t meet, so I just get an error when trying it.

And there are lots of posts on the internet asking why it won’t work even when those requirements seem to be met.

If we ever write a FAQ, it could be worth a mention with provisos.