Buzzing on cassette tape recording

Completely new to all of this…

I’m using a standard cassette player and the DigitNow USB Audio Capture device to convert some cassette tapes to digital format. When I play the tapes on the cassette player, there is no buzzing sound, although the audio is very faint as if the recorder wasn’t set close enough to those being recorded as it should have been. (These are recordings of interviews.) But when I playback what has been recorded by Audacity there is a VERY loud buzzing sound over the audio. I have no idea where to even start to correct this.
sample-data.txt (2.02 KB)

Also probably important to note, if I hit “record” on Audacity when the cassette ISN’T playing, I get the same buzzing at the same volume. So the issue is clearly between the capture device and my computer.

Try disconnecting the cassette player completely (unplug it) from the DigitNow USB Audio Capture device. Do you still get the buzzing?

What sort of cassette player? (make and model if possible)

How is your cassette player connected to the DigitNow USB Audio Capture device? (example: “AUX out from the cassette player to the phono connectors via a pair of phono to phono adaptors”, or “the DigitNow USB Audio Capture minijack plugged into the headphone socket of the cassette”, or whatever)