Buzzing Noise When Recording in Audacity

Buzzing Noise through speakers. NOT USB Connected.
I am running Audacity 2.1.2 and Win 7, RealTek sound device for record and playback.
I am using a Karaoke machine output (not through an Amplifier) directly INTO a Behringer 1202 powered mixer,
tape outputs FROM the mixer TO the LINE input of the computer. I’ve tried using both available outputs from the mixer~ control room out, as well as cd/tape out(Problem is the same utilizing either MICROPHONE or LINE IN input jacksFRONT or REAR inputs)
When recording, I do not get a microphone level input for record, nor do I get a waveform.
Upon Playback, the green bar in the MICROPHONE INPUT illuminates, (only a minimal waveform
buzzing or white noise) and all that is heard is a 'Buzzing noise through the speakers.
I’ve tried going to ‘Audio Devices in the System Tray’ Audio Devices, view disabled devices, both are checked. Stereo Mix enabled. Rescand devices in Audacity. Problem still exists.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Stereo Mix enabled.

We can start there. Stereo Mix is the tool used to record sound originating inside the computer. That’s the tool to record YouTube sound and other internet generated content. It’s the last thing you want when you want to record a mixer or other local content.

It’s possible you’re listening to your built-in microphone picking up trash if you’re on a laptop. Everything on the computer is fair game.

This is a piece on basic setups for live recording. The short version is to pick your specific device or connection. My joke is select something real you can pick up in your hand. Stereo Mix is not a “device,” even though it may be listed that way. It’s a fake hardware simulation or router. Stereo Line-In is a real device you can point to on the back of your machine.


Thanks for the quick response. That was a LARGE part of the problem!!! Still minor glitches I need to work out, (still some unwanted buzzing from somewhere, but nowhere near what is was prior)) but I’ll start reading through the posts for additional info.
Thanks again, Don

Post some of it.

You should stick to stereo and not go much over ten seconds. Forget the part about mono. That’s for voice recordings.

We do need the two seconds of clean noise.

The forum will tell you if it’s too big.