Buzzing & Distortion during playback

I’ve been recording drums all week, using Audacity to create a series of online lessons. My setup is:

2 x AVE drum microphones plugged into a Scarlett Solo Interface, which runs into audacity. I’ve recorded 3 times this week with no problems, everything works fine.

Yesterday, after recording more videos, I found during playback the sound of the microphones was very distorted, with an audible buzzing every time there was noise played. I’ve also noticed a dramatic increase in latency when using the “Click to monitor” feature, that wasn’t there before.

On my end, literally nothing has changed. Mics/cables aren’t damaged, I haven’t adjusted any settings in Audacity. Without any input from me, it’s decided to start distorting?

literally nothing has changed.

Things can change in the background. Do you use Skype or other chat or conference program? Games? Did Windows do an update between those two events? All those can change your sound service whether you want it or not.

Drag-select some of the work and post it on the forum. Some distortions have a signature and we can identify where it’s coming from.