Buzz when playing back exported files

Hi there,
I am using Audacity 2.3.0 on my Windows 10 64 bit laptop.

When I export to MP3 or WAV, I get this weird buzz feedback noise only in my right speaker / headphone. When I play my project file, I don’t have any noise like that. I have mixed down and rendered everything, I have tried exporting in Stero, joint stereo, forced mono… nothing is working. Any ideas?

I edit from wav files, get them down to one track and render, then export. I have the latest version of the lame file I can find, but am having the issue even when I export to wav.

Thank you!

Try importing the “23 Landovitz ID specialty draft mixdownSample.mp3” file into a new Audacity project, and play it. Do you hear buzzing? (I don’t).

How are you playing the file when you hear the buzzing?