Button shading -- bug 503

I would very much like to resolve this “feature issue”. However, I am having a difficult time getting the desired results. I looked in many places, but the most logical (to me) is in the SetCurrentTool() method in ToolsToolBar.cpp? I would like to take mTool[mCurrentTool], get the corresponding button, and SetBackgroundColour().
Any direction would help. Thanks.

I have not looked at the code (I’m not a developer, in fact none of us on the Forum are official Audacity developers) but you could look at the 1.3.0 sources which was the last version that had the shading.

Go here: http://code.google.com/p/audacity/source/browse/ , expand “audacity-src” then “tags”, then near the bottom of the tag list, expand “audacity-1_3_0-release”. You can also use that “audacity-1_3_0-release” tag to check out that release’s code into your source tree.