burning .wav files

I recorded my voice using a microphone and the Audacity program. I then used the export wav option to save the file. I can play the file using WMP, however I cannot seem to burn the file to cd. The error message I keep receiving is:

It is not possible to determine if this file can fit on a disc because Windows Media Player cannot detect the length of the file. Playing the file before burning may enable the Player to detect the file length.

I have tried playing the file before burning, the file is only 9 seconds long. How do I get .wav files to burn to cd?


Under the PREsumption (no assuming here) that you wish to record to an AUDIO cd:

A. What version of Media Player?

B. You probably should convert your file to a .wma file first, unless there is a reason not to.
Look in ProgamsWindows Media for the Windows Media Encoder.
Its possible you won’t find it there. I’m unsure when I got it or installed it - I do video work so I have lots of ‘stuff’ installed, LOL
If the Windows Media Encoder isn’t installed

its a free download -

C. Install the Media Encoder if necessary.

D. Its a ‘wizard style utility’
Select Convert A File

You should now be able to burn your track.

IF you want to send or record the track for future editing, create a DATA cd with Explorer or your DC/DVD burner app and copy the file to it.

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the sloop jon b

I also got this message with the wav file so i played it like it said but it still had a cross next to it indicating that there was still an error. it was only one song so I hit the “burn to CD button” anyway and it worked and burned perfectly. the next time i did it i got the same message, this time i had 8 songs, i clicked on each of the tracks to play a split second of them and i noticed in the waiting to burn list the times of each song came up along side even though the little cross indicating an error was there. they all still burned to cd though when i hit the burn button so i think so long as the waiting to burn track list has got a time next to each song then it will still burn to cd as a wav file. This was the case for me anyway.

<<<“HI - Nice program” LOL>>>

It doesn’t work that way, does it?


Just to cover the bases. do all these “successful” burns play in your car or portable CD player?



sure do, even though windows said it wouldnt burn it, it still did/does. So long as ive recorded to a CD-R and not a CD-RW then i can play the cd anywhere i like.
Like i said, so long as there is a time next to each track/song (if there isnt then playing the track should bring up the time) it seems to burn fine.

i would be interested to see if it works for j’anderson4177’