Burning Music Complication to a CD

I recently downloaded Audacity 2.0.1 along with the LAME encoder. I have Windows Vista, and I’m not sure which version of Windows I have. I believe I installed Audacity from the .exe installer I used music from my iTunes account. I went to the wiki and tried to follow the instructions to burn to a CD, but in Windows Media Player it kept saying, “Please insert a blank disc in CD drive. Once Windows Media Player detects the new disc, it will automatically start burning.” It kept saying this even when I had a CD in the drive. I have tried a Recordable CD and a Rewritable CD. Both CD’s are 80 minutes, 700MB. I downloaded CDBurnerXP and tried that. The first one I opened to burn my CD is frozen on the screen of my computer. I opened a different window with CDBurnerXP and I selected audio disc. I selected my track and clicked on burn, but it still says there is no disc in the driver. The computer itself can read the disc because it will show up as a Removable Disc, but all other programs will not read the disc. When Windows Media Player did read the disc, it said, “CD will not burn because of complications or because of no copyright.”(Something similar to that) Which would be the best and easiest program to burn the CD?(CDBurnerXP, iTunes, or Windows Media Player) Please help, I feel like I have tried everything, but nothing has worked.



iTunes should have burning tools. Create a playlist with your music in it and then File > Burn Playlist to Disk.

If that fails, then you have a serious system problem. Your CD device is a CD-R, CD-RW, right? Can you point to somewhere that clearly says that?


Right now I am trying to use a Rewritable CD. Could you please give me detailed instructions on how to burn it to the CD?(Including getting the music complication from Audacity to iTunes) I also tried to follow the tutorial on the wiki to convert the music from Audacity to iTunes.

Since at least two applications have failed to recognize the blank CD, I’m going to guess that your drive is bad. :frowning:

I assume you’ve tried more than one blank CD-R, and more than one CD-RW? With a problem like this… with most computer problems… you don’t know what the problem is 'tll it’s solved.

Can you burn a data-file to a CD? Have you ever tried burning a data file to a CD (on this machine)?

If your computer runs Vista, I’m going to assume that you have a CD burner. (I haven’t seen a read-only drive in quite a few years.)

If you are not comfortable with taking your computer apart and replacing the drive, and if you want to avoid paying for a repair, you can get an external USB burner. If you live in the U.S., [u]Newegg[/u] has USB CD/DVD burners for under $50 USD.

If your computer runs Vista, I’m going to assume that you have a CD burner.

If the computer is an upgrade, it’s very possible it’s not a writable drive. That was my first thought when so many different services and programs failed.

Or, as you point out, it is a burner, but it’s broken. Koz