Burning MP3 Data CD in own playlist order


I am regular user of Audacity and love this software. However, I would like to apologise in advance if this is not the right forum for my problem.

I have a new PC that came with Windows 8 and WMP 12. Over the last few days, I have been trying to burn an MP3 CD according to my paly list choice, i.e. in non-alphabetical order. This is not working. The MP3 CD automatically burns my playlist in alphabetical order. I was wondering if there are any WMP12 plug ins to achieve this.

Any help/advice given will be much appreciated.



A Data CD is a flat, shiny hard drive. The reason your hard drive listings always show up in alphabetical order is the reason the CD does. Music CDs are designed to play a defined order no matter what the song title is because the CD doesn’t carry titles.

People have been known to get around this jiggering the titles so they come out the way you want.

001-Song Of The South
002-Death at the end
003-How Many Times


By default WMP should play the tracks in order by Track Number. The track number is an ID3 tag embedded in the MP3 file (like the song title, album, and artist, etc.). In Audacity, you can edit the tags with File → Open Metadata Editor, or you can use a program like MP3Tag.*

Or you can create a playlist, or sort by artist, genre, or play randomly, etc.


  • It’s probably better if you use a 3rd party tag editor (like MP3Tag) if you are not otherwise editing the file. I’m not sure, but Audacity may not be able to edit the tags without also re-encoding the MP3, and that can cause quality loss with the extra lossy encoding step.

That’s correct, Audacity will have to re-export (re-encode) the MP3 even if you only edit the tags. And if the MP3 has lyrics or artwork, Audacity will delete those when it re-encodes. :frowning:

Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer should be able to change the track number tag. In Explorer, right-click the file, choose Properties, then the “Details” tab.


Hi All

Thank you very much for your responses and advice. Much appreciated. Will try out the suggestion.