Burning CD From Playlist

I have a Grace Tape2usb. I have uploaded music to the computer. Split points have been identified with labels. Using “Export Multiple” and using WAV as the export format the tunes are exported to iTones. A playlist is created. Everything to this point is successful. I install a CD blank disk, follow the commands and click on “burn CD”. I get a message on the screen that reads . What could be my broblem? I also upload music, to the computer from Vinyl records using a Sony usb player, then to ITunes, to a playlist and have no problems to burn a CD. Help would be very much appreciation. Thanks

Something like this happens if you don’t wait for iTunes to tell you to put a blank disk in. If you put one in too soon, the computer operating system grabs it instead of the authoring and burning program. iTunes is left with its thumb up its nose wondering what happened.

Once you settle your playlist, there should be a burn icon or message. Click on that and iTunes will tell you “Put a blank disk in the drive.” Then some iTunes will give you a burn dialog [OK] and then you wait.


One more. Many iTunes don’t like 32-bit floating very much. Audacity default sound format (unless you changed it) is 44100, 32-bit floating, Stereo.

Change to 16-bit in Audacity Preferences.


Thanks for your instructions…they solved the problems.