burning audacity file in mac os x 10.5.8

I just exported my audacity file to the desktop following exactly what is explained in their manual. I then dragged the wav file into Itunes playlist for burning to cd. When the burning was finished and I played the cd in both the mac and another machine there was no lead guitar part at all. I had only recorded two tracks: a rhythm guitar vocal and a lead guitar part. And again, if I go back and listen to the file that was exported they both are there. Any ideas what went wrong with the cd burn? Thanks.

What does the file sound like in iTunes?
Control-Click the file on the desktop and Open With > QuickTime Player. What does that one sound like?

It sounds just fine in itunes. I am not in front of that computer at the moment so can’t try to open in Quick time until later. However, the problem is in the burning of the cd. All files sound correct except the burned file on the cd.

How are you playing the CD on the two computers?


And just to be clear, the rest of the CD performance sounds perfect? It’s just missing one instrument? Does it play in your car? In your mum’s car? You can mess up computer speakers, but the player in your car is pretty simple. Koz

Here. Pull down this 39 second sound clip, burn it to a CD the regular way and listen to it.


It’s a speaker test in four parts. Left, Right, Mono, and intentionally damaged – Out Of Phase. You should be able to clear hear all four parts and the fourth one may sound a little funny. If one is missing, there may be something wrong with the sound systems.