Burning A CD

I wish to slow the speed of a mp3 and then burn it to a CD to the slower speed. Need advice on how to achieve that. Thanks in advance.

Open the MP3 in Audacity and use the Change tools to get what you want. Change Tempo, Change Speed, Change Pitch. Then export the work as WAV (not MP3) and pull it into Windows Media or another Music CD Authoring and Burning program and burn the disk. Audacity doesn’t burn anything.

Music CD is a special format and technology for music that takes an authoring and burning program. It’s not just smashing music on a disk and go home. That will produce a Data CD and won’t play in your car.

If there is any way to get the show as a higher quality than MP3, you should do that, too. MP3 is a compressed format and damages the sound. You can’t stop it.


Thanks for your quick esponse, koz. I have gotten to the point where I have saved the tune: File named "C: Prog etc. wav. I have exported the file 44 100Hz WAV (Microsoft 1 6-bit PCM). My question is how do I burn the tune? As you realize I am not very savvy at absorbing the site instructions.

To recapitulate: Got the desire tempo change of the tune and plays well in Audacity but I am stuck there with the inability to change files that WMP, i-Tunes, etc. will recognize and that I can burn. :confused:

I’m not on Windows, so I’m guessing how Windows Media works. If you have iTunes, then you’re back in my world.

Right-Click the music file > Open With > iTunes. iTunes will open the music in the Music part of the Library. Create a Playlist. File > New Playlist and it will appear on the bottom of the stack. Drag the music over to it.

Select the playlist and File > Burn Playlist to Disk. Follow the instructions. Do Not put a disk in until iTunes tells you to. My iTunes defaults to a Music CD with the standard 2-second gap between songs. After you get used to this process, you can mess with that, like create a dance CD with individual songs, but the beat doesn’t stop between them.

You should probably know that Music CDs do not carry labels or titles. If you put a Music CD in your computer, the computer goes on-line to look up the song titles. If you put one in your car, it will say Track-01, Track-02, etc. That’s normal.


Thanks for the help, koz! A few hours ago I figured it out on my own. I WILL keep your info for future reference. Thanks for the help.

I thought I had figured it out but WMP will not burn the CD for some reason. It keeps ejecting the blank CD with an error message. I tried your method and eureka it worked perfectly. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Have a good day, Koz! :smiley: