Burner Errors when Burning Audacity Files

3.0.4 Windows 10
The problem occurred with version 3.0.3. Upgraded today.

Background for the problem. In last year have created 75 files from LP and 10 from cassette and successfully burned them to CD as MP3 insane multiple without problem. Likely using 3.0.2 but some could have been using 3.0.3.

Recently I have imported several cassette tapes I have been unable to burn these files to CD as above using 3.0.3. I have tried Power2Go (2 versions) my default software and got the dreaded 0xEB020BE2 error. I tried burning with NCH Express Burner (2 versions) which resulted in an “encountered problem unable to burn” and Windows Media Player with the same error. The error is usually generated at the beginning of the burn with Power2Go at the end of the burn with Express Burner and usually at the end of the burn with WMP. With WMP the burn sometimes stalls after a partial burn but will eventually continue the error being generated at the end. Default burning speed was 24x but was reduced to 10x to see if speed was a problem. No joy.

These results are consistent for two burners, internal and external, with two different computers, one running 10 and the other 7.

The question. Is it possible that I may have inadvertently gave an instruction to Audacity that is causing the problem? If the problem is with Audacity will I have to rerecord the files?

As always, thank you for your help.

Probably not. If you are making a regular audio CD it’s possible there is an issue with MP3 decoding, but I think you’d get a more-specific error that says “wrong format” or something. But if the MP3 was made with Audacity, and if it’s playable, most burner software can convert it.

Ideally, you shouldn’t use lossy files if you’re making an audio CD. WAV files at 44.1Khz, 16-bit, stereo are the same underlying PCM format as CD audio and don’t have to be “decoded”.

If you are making a “data CD” with MP3 files, the burner software should simply burn ANY file (as long as it fits on the disc).

You might have a bad batch of blank CDs. That happened to me once (or maybe it was DVDs).