Burned WAV cd will not play in cd player

I have tried all of the suggested ways listed in the Audacity Help files to save my project as a WAV file so that it can be burned to a CD for playing on a CD player; however nothing works. I can play the burned CD on my computer, but not in a CD player. I have tried to burn the CD in Windows Media Player 12 and Power 2 Go. Neither works. I am using Windows 7 operating system. What am I doing wrong?

You have probably either made a data CD (rather than an “audio” CD), or you’re using the wrong sort of disk. You need to use “CD-R” disks (not CD-RW and not any sort of DVD).

My favourite CD burning software for Windoes is CDBurnerXP (it’s also free: http://cdburnerxp.se/en/home )

Thanks for you prompt response.

When burning in Windows Media Player, it is automatically set to burn “Audio CD” when I choose to burn a play list. I set Power 2 Go to burn an “audio” CD. I am using a CD and not a DVD and the CD is a Verbatim Inkjet Printable CD-R.

but not in a CD player.

Tell us more about this CD player. Only one, right? Can you get to a third player like the one in your car? Can you in some way try different blank CDs, or try burning at a different (usually slower) speed)?

CD burning seems to be an ordinary process; we’ve been doing it for years, but until you get the swing of blank disk maker, recording speed and target player, you may have problems with interchangeability. I put a new, external recorder on my machine recently and the default recording speed is so fast it shakes the table and I can’t hear to talk on the phone from the howling. It also produces crappy disks. I slowed it down and all the problems went away.

It’s also possible to have a player that will not manage home-burned disks.


Even the manufacturer of the disc can be the difference between success and failure.

I will try the cd in my car to see if it makes a difference. If not, I will try to burn it at a lower speed. Any suggestions on what the speed should be? Again, thanks for your reply. Hopefully, I can get this resolved soon, as I need the music for an upcoming show in a week! :slight_smile:

There was a feature war on for how fast a burner could make a CD. The numbers kept climbing up: X12!!, X24!!, X48!!. That one will burn an hour show is less than two minutes – if it works. I would try a speed of X12 and then maybe one half that. Some recorders don’t like running too slow, either.

I will say that when they fail, they usually stutter. They don’t just stop working although that happens, too. So you do have an odd duck.

Will the burned CD play in the computer if you just take it out and push it back in again? Will it open in Windows Media?


Thanks everyone for all of the information provided. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

The CD plays just fine in the car and on the computer, so maybe the CD players that I was trying were not compatible with burned CDs. I hope it will work in the CD player for the show. Short of testing it in the actual player that will be used during the show, are there any other ways to know if it will work in a “professional DJ’s” CD player?

The only sure way of knowing if all the pieces are going to work together is to try it. That’s why they do “full dress rehearsals”!!

Thanks PGA. I did try it in another CD player and it played just fine, so I’m guessing that I have players that are not compatiable with the burned CD. Since I won’t have a chance to test it until the day of the show, I guess I’ll have to take my chances!

Thanks again everyone for your help!

I do this process upside down. I burn home Music CDs and I play them on a crappy, portable CD player on the theory that if they play there, they’ll play anywhere. Finding that one crappy player is gold. That’s how we do client DVDs at work. We have an old DVD player that’s very sensitive to errors. We’ve never had one come back that’s made it past that player.

If you feel like it, continue to experiment until you make that one player happy. Almost all players accept home-burned Music CDs. Like I said, having one player dead fail is very unusual. How old is it and what is it? You suggest there’s more than one? Same model and age?

The Car Test is not terrifically good because car players are very robust, but it is good as a general test. Most of them will not play anything but a “real” Music CD.