Bulk edit wav files to change volume/gain?

Running version 3.0.3 on windows 10.

I have about 200 files I need to bulk edit by changing the volume from 0db to both -9db and -18db, obviously 1 copy as -9db and one as -18db. The files are in different folders. If I have to do each folder one at a time that’s fine.

I’d rather not have to open and close 400 individual files and change their volume by clicking the DB, pasting -18, doing ctrl+shift+e then saving manually.

I don’t mind running the thing twice to get both results. Just something that cuts down on the time of doing this would be nice.

Batch processing with Macros can only be applied to files that are in one folder.

To produce two output files from each input file, you will need to take care not to overwrite the first output file with the second output file.
The easiest way to do that is to make all of the “-9 dB” files first, then move them somewhere safe, then make the “-18 dB” files.

To make the -9 dB files, you need a Macro with 2 commands:

  1. “Normalize” (set to -9 dB)
  2. One of the “Export” commands (such as “Export WAV”)

The output files will be placed in a “macro-output” folder.
In recent versions of Audacity, the default location of the macro-output folder is: C:\Users<your username>\Documents\Audacity
(The location can be changed in Preferences: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/directories_preferences.html)

For the -18 dB files, the procedure is the same, but change the setting of the “Normalize” effect in the macro to “-18 dB”.

See also: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/adjusting-the-volume-on-200-wave-files/62210/1

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