Built in sound recording

Have used a pc version and have had excellent results, now I have upgraded to a Mac Book Pro running 10.7.4.
I have downloaded the appropriate version using dmg but not able to record via the built in sound option.
Built in microphone works ok.
What have I overlooked here, really want to use this on the Mac.

If by “built in sound option” you mean that which on a Windows PC might go by the name of “Stereo Mix” or “What you hear” then, from my understanding gained reading posts on this forum, the Mac does not allow that function. For an accurate answer you’ll have to wait for a Mac elf to check in.

Macs do not support recording what is playing on the computer. You need to additional software for that functionality.
See here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tutorial_-_Recording_Computer_Playback_on_Mac

I have followed the advice posted and that has solved the problem, works perfectly.
I must take my hat off to the forum and those who took time to help, brilliant.
Thanks again
Regards :smiley: