Built in Microphone......

So I’ve search this site up and down and didnt exactly find what I was lookin for. But I have a laptop, an HP Pavillion DV6000, and I noticed that everytime I recorded a song, it sounded like the microphone was on the other side of the room…it even picked up the TV and other background noise (It puzzled me because I use to record on my desktop) then I realized the mic was at the top of the laptop(Duh :blush: )…so how can I fix that? I just wanna make simple ringtones for my phone, thats all I want to do!!! Is there someway to have it record a different way? Or am I just out of luck?..

<<<so how can I fix that?>>>

You want to record from the high-quality microphone plugged into the side of your laptop instead of the cheap built-in one even though you didn’t say you had a second microphone?


I sure dont have a 2nd one :frowning:

So what do you want to record from?
Do you want to record something?

I feel so freaking silly…I can put the mp3 song in audacity and just cut what I want and dont want…Thanks u guys lol…