Building media player out of Audacity 3.3

Hello Audacity friends,

I am new to Audacity and looking to build a new video player out of Aud 3.3.3. I am new and learning Audacity. Any suggestions/ideas/tips/ etc…, please welcome. Please tag any similar threads if already been discussed.

Thank you.


When Audacity opens, say, an mp3 file, it converts it into a 32-bit audio file. This is a time-consuming step which is entirely unnecessary in a media player.

For years media players have had real-time equalizers.
Currently Audacity does not have a native real-time equalizer.

i.e. existing media players are faster to use an better equipped.

Thank you Trebor for your response. The main purpose of my video player is to sync the video with the audio extracted by Audacity for dubbing purposes.

So that video player is not for regular video playing.

Let me know your thoughts.


i.e. a video editor …

Hi Trebor,

Sorry for my delayed response, I do not want a standalone video editing software but want to integrate it with Audacity. Any ideas?

Also when I build the latest Audacity in VS 2019, I dont see the libraries option to import FFMPEG for importing .mp4 files into Audacity. Am I missing anything or is it moved to any other option. It is not showing both in 32bit as well as 64bit.

Please advise.


[ I still think a standalone video-editor would be easier ].

I can understand what you are saying Trebor. We are dependent on Audacity, we are not changing that tool. so we need a video editing application around it.

Also can you answer my second question, if possible.

IMO not possible to incorporate a video player into the current version of Audacity.

Thanks Trebor it worked. I have built audacity successfully , installed ffmpeg and even able to import mp4 file audio.

I am trying to explore more on the various theme resources available in Audacity, when I open the related files it opens a cmake file which shows a list of names of png files but I am not able to locate it. Can you provide any info or any thread or video which talks more about it. Please share. Thank you.

I was able to get the theme preferences working. I noticed one thing that when I enables Theme options in preferences, I saw that the libraries option got disappeared, I have 64bit FFmpeg installed but it’s not picking as one of the options in Edit → Preferences but it was showing before I enabled the Theme.

Am I missing anything.

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