Building audacity with wxWidgets 3.1

Is it possible to build audacity using wxWidgets 3.1 (the current version)? Audacity’s insists on having version 3.0. The current wxWidgets release implies that the current version (3.1) should be compatible with version 3.0 . I would like to have some advice before editing and possibly having trouble in the future while using a slightly buggy build.

System is Fedora-23 running on 4 processor x86_64 intel hardware
Windowing system is KDE 5.19
Audacity source is audacity-minsrc-2.1.2.tar.xz

wxWidgets 3.1 is the current “development version”.
wxWidgets 3.0.2 is the “latest stable release version.”

Building Audacity with wx3.1 is entirely untested. I don’t know how much you would need to do to get Audacity to build with 3.1 (I’ve not tried), but I’d not be surprised if there are problems. You are of course free to try if you wish, but if you have problems we are not able to help.

Quite right, my mistake. However audacity-minsrc-2.1 doesn’t build on my system on account of some changes in the header files; “const” has been added in a few places. The attached diffs reveal all
diffs.txt (1.36 KB)

Two things should be clarified. There is no “audacity-minsrc-2.1” (supplied by us). There are 2.1.0, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.

Audacity does not officially support greater than to FFmpeg 2.3.x (or libav 0.10.x) as stated at Other than patching Audacity source files or building a supported version of FFmpeg yourself, you “may” be able to work around this by configuring Audacity with --disable-dynamic-loading which disables Audacity’s Libraries Preferences.

Experience with --disable-dynamic-loading varies. On Ubuntu 15.04 I still got crashes exporting using Audacity built against the (too recent) system FFmpeg with --disable-dynamic-loading.