Building a plug-in DLL using VS 2010 Express

Dear Forum,

I have build an DLL from Richard Furse’s “sine.cpp” out of the Computer Music Toolkit - CMT. I’ve been using Visual Studio 2010 Express.
After a very few modifications (casting math.pow) I could build the DLL. It’s a WIN32 DLL and my machine is a Windows 7 64-bit.
Unfortunately my plug-in DLL is not detected by Audacity, while other plug-ins are found. So it’s not a question of a wrong directory but a question of compiler/linker settings.
Does anybody have a suggestion?


Audacity itself will not compile with VS2010 and I could not get it to recognize the wxWidgets DLLs when I built them with VS2010. You might need to install MS VC++ 2008 and build with that.

I’ve read about this VS2010 issue, but I can compile the plug-in easily with VS2010 while Audacity itself cannot be compiled.
I would build the DLL with VC++ 2008 if I had downloaded it…
Does anybody know if VS2010 DLLs have general compatibility problems with VC++ 2008 applications?

From what I understand, a dll compiled in VS 2010 wouldn’t run in pre-XP SP2 anyway which isn’t good for others, unless you set VS2010 to use the vc90 toolset:

So you could try that and see if it also cures the Audacity problem, but I am not sure it will given you are on Win 7. Exactly what format is this plug-in - VST, C++?