Build a Nyquist script

Hi all,

I would to build a Nyquist script (plug-in for Audacity 1.3.5).
I write and run this script

;nyquist plug-in
;version 1
;type process
;name “Process Signal”
;action “Action sur le signal…”
;info “Essai : 1 curseur par defaut a 1”

; Boîte de dialogue
;control factor “Amplitude” real “” 1 0.1 50

; Action sur l’audio
(mult (ramp) s)

The process is OK

But if I replace (mult (ramp) s), by (stretch factor (cue s))

Nyquist return no message (error), but don’t work.

Please, would you help me !
Thanks you


(force-srate *default-sound-srate* (stretch factor (sound s)))


Thanks you Stevethefiddle
After test, all is right.

But just a little remark.
If I select full track (and only full) ; the factor is multiply by the duration track.
Ex : Track 10.0 sec ; factor 2.0
Result, track is multiply by 2.0x10.0 = 20. 0 instead of 2.0
But full track, less “Epsilon” result is right.


So it does. I presume this is one of those behavioural abstraction things that I don’t yet understand.
I’ve not really got my head round using the transformation environment. :confused:


Again thanks Stevethefiddle.
See you soon.

Best regards