Bugzilla 458

In srcMenus.cpp function OnPreferences() which is at or near line number 3334, a few lines into the function we see:

#if defined(__WXGTK__)
      // Workaround for:
      //   [url]http://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=458[/url]
      // This should be removed with wxWidgets 2.8.13 is released.
      wxRect r = p->GetRect();

I suspect that this code is probably now redundant. Steve reported the bug; he should be able to test the removal of this code and commit the appropriate patch.

This should be removed with wxWidgets 2.8.13 is released

isn’t good English.

Do we know that all distros that use GNOME have included our patch or updated to > 2.8.12? If not, perhaps the comment should be “This should be removed when Audacity is released with Widgets > 2.8.12”?


Most Linux distributions are likely to be moving to wx3 in the near future (if they have not done so already), but Audacity still officially uses wx2.8.12 (though expected to move to wx3 soon). When we officially move to wx3, that will probably be a good time to remove that code, assuming that it isn’t required with wx3. Debian stable does not have wx2.8.13.